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Renting a Home on the Big Island of Hawaii

Exotic Estates offers beautiful, inspected luxury vacation homes in Hualalai, Waikoloa, Puako, Mauna Lani, and in the Mauna Kea Resort. Many are located on championship golf courses and offer stunning ocean and fairway views. Take a moment to tour our complete collection of Big Island villas and estates today. 

The Big Island – Young and Unique 

The Big Island of Hawaii is a unique island in what is arguably one of the most unique and beautiful island chains in the world. It is the youngest Hawaiian island, and it continues to grow each day as new lava meets the Pacific Ocean. 

The Big Island surprisingly large, around 95 miles from north to south and 93 miles across. To give a comparison, the state of Connecticut is about 110 miles long and 70 miles wide. The difference is that the Big Island soars to incredible heights, so the landscape features several micro-climates, from balmy palm-fringed beaches to peaks that are capped in tropical snow during the winter.

The Big Island is also famously volcanically active, with Kilauea Volcano in a constant state of eruption and making for one of the most incredible natural spectacles on earth. 

The volcanic activity has left its mark on the island. There are gorgeous black sand beaches, the result of age-old volcanic rock being pounded by the surf. There are also massive lava fields that are woven throughout the countryside, criss-crossing the landscape and creating striking settings for the resorts along the Kohala Coast north of Kailua-Kona. 

Mauna Kea – Hawaii’s Tallest Mountain and the Namesake of the Island’s First Resort

The Big Island is home to Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain in Hawaii, which rises to a majestic 13,796 feet. During the winter, the top of Mauna Kea can be covered in snow. The summit is home to the famous Keck telescopes, as its remote location in the middle of the Pacific, free from light pollution, makes it ideal for scanning the heavens. On clear days, you can see the telescope complex from the beaches and resorts down below. 

Back towards sea level, the Big Island has lots of classic Hawaiian features for visitors to enjoy. The weather is warm and there are quiet and charming beaches and beach towns like Puako and Beach 69, and the world-famous Mauna Kea Resort. 

Kohala Coast Rentals – Waikoloa Resort to Mauna Lani 

Most Exotic Estates vacation homes north of Kona on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island are clustered in the main resort areas. Driving north on Hawaii 19, Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway, you will see turn offs for the resort areas on your left, starting with Hualalai, followed by Waikoloa, Mauna Lani and then Mauna Kea. 

All of these areas feature nice hotels, beaches, and, of course, fabulous vacation villas ringing world-class golf courses.

Also, because they are located in resorts, many of these vacation homes come with optional resort privileges, which can be a real benefit for beach access and other services like day care and dining. 

Waikoloa Resort Area - Kohala Coast, Big Island of Hawaii 

The Waikoloa Resort, like the others, offers vacation villas, hotels, golf courses, an ocean front area (rocky but beautiful), and a couple top-notch shopping centers that provide convenient services for visitors. Waikoloa offers plenty of more-affordable condo-type accommodations, as well as some fabulous ocean-front homes. 

Mauna Lani Resort

Further up Hawaii 19, before Mauna Kea, we run into the Mauna Lani resort area. This area has a more upscale feel than Waikoloa, and features excellent golf courses and vacation villas. Mauna Lani also has a beautiful beach area, Holoholokai Beach Park, which is adjacent to the Fairmont Orchard Hawaii.

Mauna Kea Resort

The Kohala Coast, stretching north of Kona, is dotted with well-planned resort communities. The development began with the Mauna Kea Resort and Mauna Kea Beach Hotel – still a great hotel offering one of the best swimming beaches in Hawaii. Interestingly, the hotel has a blue-blood pedigree, having been founded by the Laurance S. Rockefeller Company; we are told he scoured the Hawaiian Islands by helicopter until he found the perfect spot for his hotel! 

Exotic Estates' Mauna Kea Resort Villas

The Mauna Kea Beach hotel was one of the first to feature a now classic open design that allows breezes to flow freely through the structure. However, as nice as the hotel is, the amazing vacation homes that surround it are the real draw for our clients and people in the know.

The first homes were built in the 70's, but they are all beautifully maintained and luckily we have some classic residences on offer at Exotic Estates. Many families have been renting Mauna Kea villas for years, because the area is gated, well-maintained, offers peace and quiet, exceptional golfing and beach access - and relative value versus the other islands. The area is definitely in higher demand today, but, for now, you can still find first-class vacation homes at a lower price point than Maui and Oahu. 

Access to the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel 

What is wonderful about staying in a vacation home on the Mauna Kea Resort, or its sister property, the Hapuna Resort, is that guests get access to the incredible, fully serviced beach at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, as well as the pool, for just $65 a day. This is a no-brainer considering the incredible facilities and amazing beach, which is ideal for swimming due to its sandy bottom, a plus on the rugged and coral-heavy Kohala Coast.
The beach is accessible to the public, but on busy days access is limited and having a resort pass will ensure that you have a place in the sand! Also, like many of the resort areas along the Kohala Coast, there are excellent golf courses to be enjoyed here, and many of the homes look out unto the greens and fairways.

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