Why Some Prefer Vacation Rental to Hotels

Why Some Prefer Vacation Rental to Hotels

Exotic Estates will be profiling real guests and their vacation rental experience with us. By sharing feedback on their experience, hopefully they can provide some useful insights into the benefits of renting a vacation home, packing tips and other advice.

Our first guest profile is Jen Alken, who rented a beautiful vacation home on Maui with Exotic Estates. Jen planned her wedding on Maui; the happy photo above was taken during her trip. 

She traveled with her husband and children and stayed at an incredible Maui vacation home. We want to thank her for answering some questions about her vacation with us and congratulate her and her beautiful family!

Here's what Jen had to say about her vacation experience.


1. Was this first time you rented a vacation home?

No, we have been in vacation homes before. We prefer it to hotels.


2. How far in advance did you make your plans?

We only got engaged 3 months before and decided on Hawaii later on, so I think it was about a month and a half before the trip. We lucked out that something that nice was available on such short notice.


3. For you, what are the top advantages of staying in a vacation home versus a hotel?

We love all the space and privacy. We had plenty of room for family and our own private pool, fire pit, hammock, and no fighting crowds.


4. What was your favorite feature of the home you rented?

The view was incredible. We loved the rooms and the pool and hammock and fire pit...we used them all, but the view is really what sold it.

Exotic Estates - Pool View From Luxury Vacation Rental

5. What is the number one piece of advice you would give others on selecting a vacation home?

Do your research. Find a place that has good customer reviews. People are usually very honest and descriptive. And find a reputable company that you know will take good care of you.


6. Is there anything that you would do or plan differently to improve your vacation experience in general? What advice would you give to those who have not traveled yet?

I would stay longer! We stayed at the house most of the time just because it had an amazing kitchen and the view was so incredible. We did eat at some amazing restaurants, but if you want to save money, you can cook in the nice kitchen and just enjoy your view and privacy.


7. Is there any family packing advice you would give to those staying in a vacation rental?

Not that I can think of. Many things are provided for you, so it was like packing for a regular vacation (except for wedding stuff).


8. Did anything surprise you in a good way on this vacation?

The photos are amazing, but they often don't do the house and view justice. You have to see it in person. (We agree!)

Exotic Estates - View From Maui Vacation Rental

9. What benefits did you enjoy by working with Exotic Estates versus renting on your own?

We had a nice guy who showed us around the house, how to turn on electronics, etc., so that was nice. And everyone we talked to was very friendly!

(Note – the "nice guy" is our on-island Guest Services Manager)


10. Finally, do you plan to rent a vacation home again? Yes!

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