Preferred Local Businesses

Exotic Estates is pleased to present a list of EEI certified businesses and service providers for people traveling to our home destination of Hawaii and other destinations in our curated collection of luxury vacation homes.

We have utilized the businesses below and can recommend them based on personal experience often going back many years.


All Islands

Tours - All Islands
Wedding Planning - All Island


Private Chefs - Maui
Fitness - Maui
Grocery - Maui
Music/Entertainment - Maui
Restaurants - Maui
Wedding Planners - Maui
Activities - Maui
Spa - Maui
Tour Guide - Maui
Photography - Maui


Activities - Oahu
Services - Oahu

Big Island

Dining - Big Island
Activities - Big Island

Palm Springs

Activities - Palm Springs


Dining - Malibu


Activities - Vail
Dining - Vail
Ski - Vail
Spa - Vail