Advice From Travelers on Maui Vacation Rentals

Advice From Travelers on Maui Vacation Rentals

Vacationer Scott Kallsen and his family rented a beautiful vacation home on Maui with Exotic Estates. We asked Scott about his thoughts on vacation rentals and some practical planning tips. We want to thank him for taking the time to answer some questions about his vacation with us and for sharing a photo from the trip!

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Note our comments are below his answers in parentheses.

Q1. Was this first time you rented a vacation home?

A. No

(We find that once most guests experience the pleasure of the renting a vacation home, they opt for vacation rentals over hotels)

Q2. How far in advance did you make your plans? 

A. Two months I think.

(For Exotic Estates, this is a little shorter than the average guest, who typically plans between three and six months out. This also generally ensures a greater variety of homes will be available during non-peak travel times)

Q3. For you, what are the top advantages of staying in a vacation home versus a hotel?

A. FREEDOM! Not worrying about housekeepers etc., MUCH more quiet It's different…not a resort feel.

(Well said ,Scott!)

Q4. What was your favorite feature of the home you rented? 

A. The view and the resort-quality amenities, including the tiki torches, outdoor shower (never used but cool!), GREAT fire pit, terrific pool, and lastly, the sliding glass doors that opened up the entire side of the house to the pool.

Q5. What is the number one piece of advice you would give others on selecting a vacation home?

A. If you can afford it, spend the money…bite the bullet and make it a vacation you will remember!

Q6. Is there anything that you would do or plan differently to improve your vacation experience in general? (e.g. reserve restaurants and activities ahead of time, etc.)What advice would you give to those who have not traveled yet? 

A. I actually preferred not making plans in order for us to be flexible. The only caveat to that is if you know there is a super popular tour (zip lining/whale watching) then book those.

Q7. Is there any family packing advice you would give to those staying in a vacation rental? 

A. Stop at Costco or other store and load up once you land. You can go straight to your destination and be loaded up for the stay!

(Great tip, Scott!)

Q8. Did anything surprise you in a good way on this vacation? 

A. No

Q9. What benefits did you enjoy by working with Exotic Estates versus renting on your own? 

A. Everything went seamlessly, and the properties they represent are worth it! I have been very pleased with them, and I will be using them again next May for our trip to Hawaii!

(Thanks, Scott!)

Q11. Finally, do you plan to rent a vacation home again? 

A. Yes! See above!

(See you soon, Scott!)

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