​Maui Vacation Rental Guide – Where to Stock-up on Supplies (Post Lahaina Wildfire)

​Maui Vacation Rental Guide – Where to Stock-up on Supplies (Post Lahaina Wildfire)

Stocking Up on Maui

Maui is one of the most popular Hawaiian Islands for vacation rentals, and for good reason. The warm Pacific waters that lap its famous beaches – Kaanapali, Kapalua, Hookipa, and Wailea – are clear and perfect for recreation, while its interior mountains and valleys are lush and green.

One of the main benefits of renting a vacation home is that you can cook and eat what you like when you like. This means that people in your group will always have their favorite foods on hand during their vacation—and they will not have to pay each time they want to eat them! Also, this is a huge benefit if you are traveling with family members and friends with food allergies, as they can better control what goes into their meals.

Most homes come with all the elements you will need to prepare meals: pots, pans, dishes, etc. But you will need to bring the ingredients, and thankfully, there are lots of good places on Maui where you can stock up on supplies. Here are a few sources recommended by our Maui-based Exotic Estates Hawaii Specialists. The list covers stores for generic items, specialty items, and sweets!

List Updated Post Lahaina Wildfire

Costco - Kahului

We listed good ol' Costco first because it's located in Kahului and has pretty much everything. Kahului is where you will land when you arrive in Maui. After picking up the rental car, if you're not too tired from traveling, you can stop at Costco and pick up food and other items you may have forgotten to pack. It's a good strategic move—take care of getting all the basics in the beginning and then start the fun!

Foodland - Multiple Locations

Foodland is a local Hawaii chain of grocery stores that offers items common to most supermarkets as well as local treats and specialties. In their fish department, you will find amazing local fish and delicious Poke! Poke (pronounced poh-keh) is a kind of Hawaiian-style sashimi that was traditionally made with tuna or ahi, sea salt, seaweed and soy sauce.

However, in Hawaii, you will find many varieties of poke, including tako and octopus poke! Foodland will have plenty of prepared local treats mixed in among the items commonly found in Mainland markets. You'll also find sunscreen and even gifts like chocolate-covered macadamia nuts to take home! Locations across the Islands.

Foodland Poke Counter Maui - Shanon Searls

Kumu Farms – Farmers Market - Waikapu, Up Country

Kumu Farms is a terrific option for fresh, organic, locally grown produce and tropical fruits. For the chefs in the group, they have plenty of gourmet ingredients for sale. Kumu Farms is located at the Maui Tropical Plantation in Waikapu. You can check out their delectable items on their beautiful website.

Takamiya Market - Wailuku

Takamiya Market is a small family-run store in Wailuku that features delicious prepared Japanese and local snacks and foods, like sushi, poke and even kalbi ribs and kimchee. They have been part of the local community for decades and are a true local classic. Takayima Market also offers excellent local fish and meats. But if you like snacking and Japanese-style food, this is a great spot. You can pick up little packages of delectable treats for everyone in the group!

Stillwell’s Bakery and Café - Wailuku

Stillwell's has been serving up sweet treats on Maui since 1994. Located in Wailuku, if you're in Maui to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or simply have a sweet tooth – Stillwell's is the place to go. Check out their delights here!

Demming’s Delivery

For those of you who don't want to worry about shopping on vacation, Demming's Delivery is available. Demming's will shop for you and stock the fridge. The company will even shop at Whole Foods. For convenience, expect to pay a 30% commission on the total bill.

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