​5 Good Reasons to Book with a Vacation Rental Agency

​5 Good Reasons to Book with a Vacation Rental Agency

By John Di Rienzo

In this day and age, there are plenty of big websites out there that allow you to book vacation rentals directly with home owners. Most of the time, the listings are an accurate reflection of the home that is being advertised and the home owners are honest people looking to monetize their beloved vacation property. But sometimes that is not the case and when you are playing with your valuable vacation time, peace of mind is priceless.

Here follows five good reasons to rent through a vacation rental agency.

1. Protection from Scammers

We’ve all heard the stories, people plan a dream vacation, reserve a gorgeous vacation home directly with an owner and find out that either it does not exist (nightmare #1) or they inaccurately represented the home to a damaging degree (nightmare #2). There are certainly scammers out in the market and one of the benefits of going with an agency like Exotic Estates is that we act as your point of contact and your broker, and good ones, like us, thoroughly vet their properties.

2. Accuracy & Integrity

Our business relies on the accuracy and the quality of our listings and also the integrity of our reservations and accounting departments. We make sure that we know all that we can about a property to properly represent it to a potential guest, as nobody wants a bad experience. Also, we follow meticulous accounting procedures so you can be sure that your payments and security deposits are in good hands.

3. One-Stop Shopping

Exotic Estates has a vetted collection of beautiful vacation rentals that vary by price, style, size and location. The benefit of working with a vacation rental agency like Exotic Estates is that we listen to your needs and then recommend a couple homes based on our expert knowledge of the inventory in the area. This saves you time and also you will have a much better understanding of the positives of each home based on your needs so you can make a more informed decision.

4. Helpful Partners

If something does not go as desired, for whatever reason, your agency or manager will work hard to try to find a solution, so you are not on your own. Ultimately, like all hospitality businesses, we want referrals and repeat guests. At Exotic Estates we always work hard to be fair and considerate with all parties.

5. Local Experts

We are experts in the destination that you are booking. Most often, our people live there and are part of the community. They can provide you with great local insights and advice on services and activities, including which vendors are preferred based on many years of experience. Again, we want you to have the best possible time so that you want to come back to us and refer us to your friends and family.

You can check up on vacation rental agencies in a number of ways, including BBBs and reviews posted on their and 3rd party websites. However, you can also check to see if they are members of the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA). The VRMA is an industry group, whose mission includes, “elevating the industry and ensuring superior guest and homeowner experiences.” Their website is www.vrma.com.

We hope that this post will help you see the value in working with Exotic Estates!

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