Cohana Global Home Co-Ownership
Cohana Global Home Co-Ownership


Cohana Homes

Cohana Homes specializes in exclusive partnerships in luxury vacation homes. Cohana facilitates the creation of an LLC of 2, 3 or 4 co-owners to share in the use, expense, and management of a vacation home. 

Unique Built-in Exit

The uniqueness of their program is that when the LLC is created to own a home, Cohana will set the exit sale date (usually 5 or 8 years) so the home sells in the normal whole ownership market just like any other property! Consequently, they do not offer timeshare, fractional, or vacation renting. 
THIRDHOME Home Exchange

THIRDHOME Home Exchange is included as an option for Cohana co-owners.

One of the main reasons that people don't purchase a vacation home is that they don't want to feel "stuck." THIRDHOME is a successful home exchange company because it removes the pressure to vacation in the same location every year.

Many vacation-home owners desire the freedom to travel elsewhere, and THIRDHOME allows an owner to submit time in their vacation home to the Exchange for a qualifying owner in the program to use. This allows the owner to choose one of THIRDHOME’s 15,000 luxury homes worldwide for their vacation! 

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