Big Island Beachfront Dining at the Lava Lava Beach Club

Big Island Beachfront Dining at the Lava Lava Beach Club

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Big Island Beachfront Dining with Lava Lava Beach Club

Now that you have arrived to your Hawaiian vacation to the Big Island, welcome home! One of the best parts about renting a Big Island Villa with Exotic Estates is the ability to prepare meals in your gourmet kitchen. However, don’t forget to schedule a few nights to explore and taste some of the local restaurants!

We found one of our favorites on the Big Island, Lava Lava Beach Club.  There is no better place to enjoy the beauty of a Big Island sunset while sipping a delicious Hawaiian cocktail than on the comfy chairs at this fun beachfront venue!

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Located on Anaeho’omalu Bay in the legendary Waikoloa Beach Resort, Lava Lava Beach Club is the ideal destination for your worry-free dream getaway or special event.  With beachfront venues and event services in the family, LLBC is all about service with Aloha and location, location, location!

This Big Island restaurant is known for island-inspired cuisine, creative cocktails, and “toes in the sand” ambiance. This is the spot to unwind, make memories, all while feeling the warm sand between your toes. Family friendly, it’s the perfect spot for a night out with the kids!

Lava Lava Beach Club, Beachfront Dining, Exotic Estates, Vacation Rentals

We caught up with the owners of LLBC to get some insider info for guests of Exotic Estates…

EEI: What was LLBC established?

LLBC: July 6th, 2012

EEI: What was the goal of creating the club?

LLBC: To create a place where everyone is welcome to get their toes in the sand with a drink in their hand!

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EEI: What type of food and atmosphere can guests expect at LLBC?

LLBC: Our menu offers everything from Hawaiian/Pacific Rim cuisine to American Comfort/BBQ

EEI: Tell us more about your farm-to beach philosophy?

LLBC: In an effort to support our Islands sustainability, we source the freshest local produce, seafood and beef.

EEI: What is the signature dish at LLBC?

LLBC: Pineapple Fried Rice Bowl

Lava Lava Beach Club, Baked Pineapple, Exotic Estates, Vacation Rentals

EEI: What is the average cost per person to dine at LLBC?

LLBC: Lunch: $22, Dinner: $36

EEI: We love that you give back to the community; can you tell us more about your fundraisers?

LLBC: Each year in December, we hold our Feast on the Beach, which includes 8 local charities each year.  Last year we were able to raise over $30,000 for the charities.

EEI: How many people can LLBC accommodate for special events?

LLBC: Up to 1000

EEI: How many weddings to do you host a year?

LLBC: Between 50 and 100, depends on the year.

EEI: What’s the best time to get married at Lava Lava Beach Club?

LLBC: Sunset!  Just kidding, the popular wedding season tends to be summer.

Lava Lava Beach Club, Sunset Oceanfront Dining, Exotic Estates, Vacation Rentals

EEI: Besides weddings, what other specials events do you host?

LLBC: Pretty much anything, office parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events, any reason for a party is good for us!

EEI: What is most special about LLBC?

LLBC: The location and the people who make it happen on a daily basis, without our crew, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Paradise Gourmet Catering

Paradise Gourmet Catering, Wedding Catering, Exotic Estates, Vacation Rentals

Lava Lava beach clubs also works closely with Paradise Gourmet Catering, the Big Island's premier catering company.  This is a great option for catering parties, weddings, or even family dinners at your Big Island vacation home.

Executive Chef Chris Fagan and his staff treat cuisine as an art form and creatively merge food and design like no other culinary team on the Big Island.  From intimate eight-course degustation menus to elaborate cocktail receptions and sumptuous buffets – PGC is on demand to create a most memorable gastronomic experience for you and your guests!

EEI: You work hand-in-hand with Paradise Gourmet Catering, can you tell us more about this service?

LLBC: Paradise Gourmet Catering is the Island's Premier Caterer.  Paradise Gourmet is also the sole caterer for Lava Lava Beach Club.

EEI: What type of events do you cater?

LLBC: Pretty much anything, office parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events, any reason for a party is good for us!

Paradise Gourmet Catering, Wedding Catering, Exotic Estates, Vacation Rentals

EEI: Do you accommodate small and large events?

LLBC: Paradise Gourmet Catering tends to lean toward the larger events, we always offer Lava Lava Beach Club as a venue option for smaller groups with a smaller budget.      

Paradise Gourmet Catering, Wedding Caterer, Exotic Estates, Vacation Rentals

EEI: What is your featured menu item?

LLBC: One of the favorites of Paradise Gourmet Catering comes in the food station form.  We call it Fish on Fire.  One of our chefs sears to order, beautiful Ahi Tuna over mixed baby greens.

Paradise Gourmet Catering, Exotic Estates, Vacation Rentals

EEI: Do you cater dinners for private vacation rentals?

LLBC: Once again, it all depends on the size of the group and budget of the client.

If you are renting a Big Island vacation home with Exotic Estates and want to either plan a fun night out where you can watch the sunset and enjoy dinner and drinks or a looking for help with a private event, give Lava Lava Beach Club or Paradise Gourmet Catering a call and you will be in excellent hands!

Attention Brides

If you are a bride planning a Big Island destination wedding, keep the Lava Lava Beach Club in mind for your reception as most homes do not allow events. Coupling the vacation home experience with a reception location like this is magical, and much more memorable that holding everything at an impersonal hotel. The Lava Lava Beach Club is conveniently located within the Waikoloa Resort, where we have homes, or within a short drive from either Mauna Lani, Mauna Kea or Hualalai Resorts. 


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