Here's Why You Should Explore Cabo!

Here's Why You Should Explore Cabo!

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Los Cabos is a popular tourist destination that boasts a variety of activities, striking natural settings, and tours on both land and sea. When it comes to the ways that you can explore the beautiful and breathtaking natural beauty of Los Cabos, the options are endless. 

Pink and orange sunrise view from a luxury Cabo villa

Tours vary from leisurely strolls to thrill-seeking adventures. Hop on a camel ride to explore the unique flora and fauna, or cruise along the coast in a catamaran for one-of-a-kind whale watching. There are many ways to enjoy this coastal part of Mexico, but no matter what you choose to experience, you will walk away with unforgettable memories.

If you want to explore the outback or take an evening ride along the ocean, then a horseback riding tour is for you. Reminisce on the cowboy days with experienced and guided tours and ride in ease, knowing these well-trained horses are safe for people of all ages. In addition, horseback riding allows you to view more wildlife, such as coyotes, roadrunners, and quail, that would otherwise be spooked by an engine; who doesn't love that? Book from various tours and get ready for an experience that will leave you with a smile on your face!

Horseback riding along the beach in Cabo San Lucas

If you prefer something even more tranquil than horseback riding - and a bit exotic, look no further than the famous Camel Ride Tours! Although these gentle giants are not native to Los Cabos, guided tours provide a fun and informative tour in a safari-like environment. Relax and take in the views of the Baja California countryside or beachfront and learn about the local flora and fauna and the unlikely transplants that have made their way to this beautiful part of Los Cabos. If you enjoy Tequila, look into the camel tours that offer stops along the way at Tequila-tasting venues and get a taste of the region’s most famous libation. We've worked with Cabo Adventures, and they are fantastic!

Margarita with local tequila in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The coasts of Los Cabos are popular spots for whale watching. These gigantic but gentle sea creatures can be found in large numbers off the coast. Their migration season runs from December through April when they migrate to the nutrient-rich waters of Alaska and back to local waters between October and February.

Whale slapping its tail on water in Cabo San Lucas

Boats ranging from catamarans to yachts allow you to safely view whales and their families spouting and splashing in the gorgeous ocean waters. You may even have the opportunity to see the largest fish in the sea: the whale shark. Remember to book these tours early if you want to go, as they often fill up quickly.

The dynamic terrain of Los Cabos spans from desert to ocean, giving the opportunity for a Buggy tour you will never forget. Explore traveling through mountains and canyons at Migriño sand river bed, all the way to Half Moon Canyon and TreeRock.  Thrillseekers will love this exploration tour in a Fully Automatic Buggy, which provides a fun and safe off-road ride. So buckle up and explore the river’s delta, where the desert merges with the Pacific Ocean, before making your way back.

Whether you explore the coasts or the desert, Los Cabos has something interesting to offer.

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