Top Summer Events in Breckenridge, Colorado!

Top Summer Events in Breckenridge, Colorado!

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The charming mountain town of Breckenridge, Colorado, isn’t just a winter destination - it also has become a popular destination during summer. With so many activities and events, Breckenridge makes the perfect place to visit for an adventurous and fun-filled vacation. From music festivals to food and wine tastings, Breckenridge has something on for you.

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To give you a quick background, Breckenridge, Colorado, was once a former mining town. Leveraging its abundant snowfall and incredible peaks, in 1961, Breck became a ski resort to tap the growing popularity of snow sports. In 1984, Breckenridge became the first Colorado resort to allow snowboarding. The following year, with the help of Dave Aldenn, the town hosted the first snowboarding World Cup, gaining more fame among skiers and new snow boarding enthusiasts. Today, Breck is world-famous for its mountain sports, charming town, and diverse accommidations. 

Breck has evolved into a year-round resort, hosting a variety of cultural events that draw people from around the country. Let's highlight some of the summer events in Breckenridge that you won't want to miss. 

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Breckenridge International Festival of Arts

The Breckenridge International Festival of Arts is an annual 10-day event that takes place in August and features a wide variety of artistic performances, installations, and exhibitions. The festival brings together local and international artists to showcase their talents in music, dance, theater, film, and more.

Breckenridge Wine Classic

The Breckenridge Wine Classic is an annual event that usually takes place in September. This event features wine tastings, seminars, and food pairings. You can taste different wines from around the world and learn about the wine regions and varieties. This year, the event will be on August 24 to 26.

Breckenridge Food and Wine Festival

The Breckenridge Food and Wine Festival is an annual event in June. This festival features food and wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, and seminars. You can taste various local cuisines and learn about different cooking techniques.

Breckenridge Music Festival

The Breckenridge Music Festival is an annual event from June to August. This festival features classical music performances by local and international musicians. During the festival, you can also enjoy outdoor concerts, chamber music performances, and more.

Fourth of July Celebration

The Fourth of July Celebration in Breckenridge is a must-see event. The town hosts a parade, live music, and a fireworks show. Also, many food vendors here showcase their affordable food that you'll surely love!

Breckenridge vendors

Breckenridge Summer Beer Festival

This annual event in July features over 50 breweries from around the country and allows people to taste a variety of craft beers. The festival also includes live music and food vendors.

Breckenridge Food Tour

The Breckenridge Food Tour is a year-round event that allows people to taste a variety of local cuisine. This walking tour will take you to different restaurants and shops in Breckenridge, where you can have samples and learn about the history of the town.

Breck has a variety of summer events for you to enjoy. Whether you enjoy food and wine tastings, music performances, or outdoor activities, there is something for everyone in Breckenridge. Make sure to add these events to your summer itinerary for a memorable trip to Breckenridge.

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