Searching For Historic Charm on the Big Island? Check Out Waimea Town.

Searching For Historic Charm on the Big Island? Check Out Waimea Town.

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Experience Waimea - the Historic Hawaiian Ranching Community with Farm Products, Hardy Eats & Craft Beer

We all love the beach, but we can only take so much sun. When you go to a place like the Big Island, you may think that the only draw, away from the Kona Coast, is Hawaii Volcanoes Nation Park. Make no mistake, the Nation Park is not to be missed, but it's an all-day affair.  For those staying on the Kohala Coast, it's about 100 miles to the park.

The town of Waimea is an easy drive from the Kohala Coast, which means you can spend the morning on the sand and drive up to the town and its green hills for the afternoon.  

From the resorts along the Kohala Coast (Hualalai, Waikoloa, Mauna Lani and Mauna Kea), on the west cost of the Big Island, you will climb some 2,600 ft. on Route 19 and notice a definitive change in the environment.

Big Island of Hawaii Map with Resorts and Waimea

While the landscape on the lower elevations is definitely dry, up above, on the way to Mauna Kea, you will see wide stretches of green. Though it is only around 13 miles from the balmy Mauna Kea Resort area, it is a world away.

As you climb higher, the emerald hills come into focus and there is a distinctive Hawaiian country vibe, with antique farm houses landscaped with flowers and plants that feel somehow more Central Coast California than Hawaii. This is one of the miracles and charms of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Big Island Hawaii Waimea

This Hawaiian country town is oozing history and boasts a unique Americana all its own. The historic Parker ranch started with a few cows brought to the Islands in the late 1700s. The cows multiplied and ultimately, an entrepeneurial man named John Palmer Parker, who arrived during the reign of Kamehameha I, eventually started the ranch that would become one of the largest in the U.S.

With cattle came the need for cowboys. The official story is that King Kamehameha III invited highly skilled Spanish-Mexican horsemen from California to teach the trade to the people of Hawaii, and, like that, the Paniolo or Paniola was born. They have had a huge impact on the Big Island.  The feel of Waimea is that of a ranching community, and you may even see spurs and boots at Starbucks!

One farmstead, the Anna Ranch, which was settled in 1845 and is now open to visitors. It was founded in 1848 and is a grand example of the historic homes in the area.


Historic Big Island Hawaii Wailea, Exotic Estates, Vacation Rentals

Waimea is also the gateway to one of America's largest cattle ranches, Parker Ranch. 

Historic Parker Ranch

Some may be surprised to learn Waimea and the Big Island are home to one of the largest working ranches in the United States. Parker Ranch was founded in 1847, earlier than many ranches in the US West, and covers some 250,000 acres.

Ranching culture absolutely dominates the area and is visible in historic buildings and in new constructions, built to reflect town's cowboy pedigree. Those wishing to ride horses will find stables in Waimea.

Big Island Hawaii Wailea Ranch - Farmers Market, Kohala Coast Vacation Rentals, Exotic Estates, Vacation Rentals

Big Island Hawaii Wailea Parker Ranch, Kohala Coast Vacation Rentals, Exotic Estates, Vacation Rentals

Cattle on the Park Ranch.

Big Island Hawaii Wailea Ranch History, Kohala Coast Vacation Rentals, Exotic Estates, Vacation Rentals

Ranching Museum in Waimea, Hawaii

However, for most vacation home renters on this part of the Big Island, Waimea is a wonderful place to stock up on farm-fresh products. There are many working farms here and there is a farmers market on Saturdays where you can find locally produced crops like lettuce, ginger and tropical fruits. Of course, if you prefer to eat out, there are also several charming restaurants in town serving locally produced fare, as well as shopping centers with banks, supermarkets and drug stores.

Big Island Hawaii Wailea Farmers Market, Kohala Coast Vacation Rentals, Exotic Estates, Vacation Rentals

Farmers Market at Waimea, Hawaii.

Waikiloa Village - Cute & Convenient

Big Island Hawaii Waikoloa, Kohala Coast Vacation Rentals, Exotic Estates, Vacation Rentals

Also, lower down on the slopes, between Mauna Kea Resort and the Waikoloa Resort areas, you will find Waikoloa Village. This little town has a convenient shopping center with a supermarket offering all of the usual items along with some unique island favorites liked smoked ahi (tuna)! 

When renting a vacation home on the Kohala Coast, be sure to explore Waimea and take advantage of the local products and the country life that is throwback to another era.

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