Getting Wild in Kailua

Getting Wild in Kailua

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Oahu is home to the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu, and often surprises first-time visitors with its hustle and bustle. But if you are looking for a more low-key adventure, head over to Kailua, on the windward said of the island. The laid-back and casual environment in Kailua will make you feel like you left the city behind and stepped into a small quaint beach town. 

Not only does Kailua have some of the best beaches in Hawaii, but Kailua beach has been voted Best Beach in America several times. That is a pretty impressive title to hold with all of the gorgeous beaches across the US. 

Kailua on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu

Kailua beach spans three miles and is home to the most beautiful white sand and clear water with temperatures that average around 75 degrees year-round. 

View of Kailua Beach Park on Oahu from the ocean.

Just past Kailua Beach, you will find Lanikai Beach. This beach is considered a slice of heaven; its name even translates to "heavenly sea," and once you set foot on this beach, you will undoubtedly agree with the name. Lanikai has a direct view of the Mokulua Islands, which are only a mile from the shore. 

View of Mokes off of Kailua Beach

Now that you are acquainted with Kailua Beach let's get into how you can spend your time there. You can simply plan a lazy day at the beach, lounging on the fine white sand and enjoying the sun, or you can add a little bit of adventure into your day by kayaking over to the Mokulua Islands. The Mokes, as they're known locally, are ideal for enjoying a beach picnic in one of the charming coves or hiking up the volcanic rock to a spot where you can take the plunge into the ocean (be careful!). 

Here is a checklist of things that you should have prepared for this adventure: 

  • Kayak Rentals (Beachtime will deliver your adventure gear anywhere on Oahu!)
  • Life Jackets 
  • Sunscreen & Protective Clothing (hats, sun shirt, etc.) 
  • Water-Proof protective bags for anything of value that you want to bring along for your adventure. 
  • And, most importantly, a sense of adventure!

You can kayak from either Kailua Beach or Lanikai. If you are looking for a more laid-back adventure, launching from Lanikai will be your best bet since the distance is only about a mile to your destination. You will enjoy the beauty and serenity of the clear, calm waters and great views of the coast, once you're kayaking towards your destination. 

Kayaking to the Mokes in Kailua

You really can admire the stature and immense beauty of the Mokulua Islands from the water, with their grand presence taking up much of your view. Once you make it over, you will be greeted by some sand and lots of volcanic rock, which is why it is critical to bring protective shoes. You can take photos, document your time there, and relax before you head back to the beach. 

After exploring the Mokulua Islands, you can then head back to shore and end your night by grabbing a local bite to eat and watching the sunset on the beach. 

Buzz's Original Steakhouse is right across the road from the beach and is one of the best local spots to eat in Kailua. So if you don't want to stray too far from the beach, this is the perfect place! They have been serving traditional steakhouse fare with a Hawaiian flare since 1962. 

Next time you are in Oahu, be sure to plan a day exploring some of the best beaches in the US. A day like this will have you relaxed and feeling like a local!

Written By: Brooke Hansen
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