Places to Eat & Visit While in Tulum

Places to Eat & Visit While in Tulum

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Tulum boasts some of the most flavorful and diverse food culture in Mexico. From taking a stroll on Tulum’s famous beaches to experiencing fresh food at an Argentinian-inspired restaurant on the coast, Tulum has unforgettable dining spots that will leave you craving more. Whether you are planning your first trip to Tulum or are visiting again, these places to eat and visit are musts during your next visit. 

While Tulum has some of the best restaurants in Mexico, Tulum’s restaurants deliver a unique flare, giving guests an experience rather than just food. Walking into any restaurant in Tulum, all senses are satisfied; the breathtaking ambiance and views paired with the flavorful dishes inspired by different areas in Mexico is a delight. 

If you are craving woodfired meat or fish, Hartwood is considered one of the best restaurants with a quaint traditional boho theme that takes pride in having no menu, as their offerings change daily based on what they get fresh for that day. They also offer a wide variety of fruity, Instagram-worthy cocktails. 

Also along the Tulum coast is Casa Banana, a traditional Argentinian steak house with a menu offering a wide variety of selections. Sweeping palm trees and beach hut-style décor create a classic Tulum vibe. Make sure to beat the dinner rush and go early or expect to wait because Casa Banana attracts a crowd of dinner-goers eager for their mouthwatering food. 

If you are looking for a dreamy experience, check out Casa Jaguar, which is entangled in the jungle flora and fauna and boasts a dreamy atmosphere and food. The menu is inspired from the regional cuisine of the Yucatan Peninsula and the Maya, which combines traditional and ancient preparations of the region’s simple and boldly flavored food. 

Your Tulum experience wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a taqueria. Nestled into the residential Aldea Zama, Safari Comedor Zama offers a variety of tacos and bowls giving you a plethora of options for some more traditional Mexican food. 

The laidback atmosphere filled with plants gives a light, airy feel that will give you a relaxing and invigorating food experience. Located close to Safari Comedor Zama is the Tulum Archaeological Site, which is a must-see when visiting Tulum. The 13th-century walled Mayan archaeological site is situated on the Caribbean coast and is a part of the Tulum National Park. 

Tulum’s coastline stretches for miles and offers a variety of activities that will give you unforgettable memories. Whether you want to visit one of many ancient archaeological sites or stroll the world-famous beaches, Tulum has an activity for any pace and lifestyle. 

Looking for an activity with a view? Take a swim in one of Tulum’s many famous freshwater cenotes, which are natural pits or sinkholes caused by collapsed limestone bedrock that exposes existing groundwater residing underneath. These cenotes stretch along the coastline from the Riviera Maya all the way to Puerto Morelos. You can do many things in cenotes, including swimming, jumping, relaxing, or even scuba diving. 

Craving a luxurious day at the beach, Mexico style? Check out Ziggy’s, which has bountiful white sand and contrasting crystal turquoise waters. Lounge in one of their chairs, cabanas, or daybeds, which are all available to rent daily, and enjoy their daily events, including live music and traditional alcohol tastings such as tequila and Mexican wine. Make a day of it, and check out their delicious restaurant, which offers a variety of foods ranging from tacos to burgers, satisfying any salty air craving you have. 

Get your art fix by visiting the famous giant wooden sculpture Ven a la Luz, newly relocated to a new garden adjoining the beach at the Ahau Hotel. This beautiful sculpture by South African artist Daniel Popper features wood, steel, and plant elements creating a gigantic presence like no other. 

Places to eat and places to visit are endless in the beautiful city of Tulum, and no matter where your trip may take you, you will be sure to have an unforgettable experience. 

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